Between 2012-2014 Zavod Rompom produced six exhibitions, featuring over two-hundred young designers from Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Croatia. The concept of the pop-up shops was to create a temporary event venue while selling prototype design pieces and unique artworks. It also served as a pop-up coworking space for local creatives. Pop-up dom hosted numerous events ranging from lectures to performances and culinary happenings. The project was awarded twice by Designers Society of Slovenia.

Read an interview in H.O.M.E. magazine (in Slovenian)

ROMPOM COLLECTIVE is Mina Arko, Nina Mršnik, Nuša Jelenec, Maša Ogrin, Andraž Tarman, Gašper Premože, Marko Orel, Miha Artnak, Jurij Lozić, Metka Pinezić and Tilen Sepič
PHOTOGRAPHY Ada Hamza, Nataša Košmerl, Ana Hribar, Mankica Kranjec